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History Menus and SSMenu.dll

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2003 9:42 pm    Post subject: History Menus and SSMenu.dll Reply with quote

Here is a sample script that shows how to use SSmenu.dll to manage a
histroy menu.

I don't know for sure, but I think this script will work for VDS 3 as well.


rem     This sample script shows how to use SSMenu.dll for the handling of
rem     a history menu. The history items are stored in an INIFILE. As far as I
rem     can tell there is only one downfall to this method. If there isn't at least
rem     one existing history item to add to the first menu that will contain the
rem     history items, the menu will not be created, SSMenu.dll will not be able
rem     to get a handle for the history menu and when you refresh the history
rem     menu the newly added menu will not hide like it is supposed to and it
rem     will not be inserted in it's appropriate place in the File menu.

  external @path(%0)ssmenu.dll
rem     For this example, and because when you try this script out for the first time,
rem     you wont have the "HistTest.ini" file on your system, I've added this routine
rem     to generate the inifile for you. It should only generate it the first time you run
rem     the script.
  if @not(@file(@path(%0)HistTest.ini,z))
    list create,1
    list add,1,[History]
    list add,1,File0=History Item 1
    list add,1,File1=History Item 2
    list add,1,File2=History Item 3
    list add,1,File3=History Item 4
    list add,1,File4=History Item 5
    list add,1,File5=History Item 6
    list add,1,File6=History Item 7
    list add,1,File7=History Item 8
    list savefile,1,@path(%0)HistTest.ini
    list close,1
rem     Now we'll open the newly generated or existing HistTest.ini file.
  inifile open,@path(%0)HistTest.ini
rem     And fill the %F variable with the first history item. For this example, this
rem     variable is only used in the :Refresh and :RefreshBUTTON sections.
  %F = @iniread(History,File0)
rem     Now let's load the history menu
 gosub Load
rem     And create the dialog window
  dialog create,HistTest,-1,0,360,200,CLASS HistTest
  dialog add,MENU,&File,&New|Ctrl+N,&Open|Ctrl+O,&Save|Ctrl+S,-,&Print|Ctrl+P,-,-,E&xit|Alt+X
  dialog add,MENU,Histry,@item(1,0),@item(1,1),@item(1,2),@item(1,3),@item(1,4),@item(1,5),@item(1,6),@item(1,7)
  menu class,HistTest
  %%menu = @menu(menubarId)
  %%fileMenu = @menu(getSubMenu,%%menu,0)
  %%historyMenu = @menu(hideMenu,%%menu,1)
  menu insertMenu,%%fileMenu,%%historyMenu,6,&History
  dialog add,BUTTON,Refresh,10,10,65,25
  dialog show
  list close,1
  wait event
  goto @event()
  goto Evloop
rem     We'll use the @input() function to add a new item to the history menu.
  %F = @input(New history item,%F)
  gosub Refresh
  goto Evloop
  list create,1
  %x = 0
    list add,1,@iniread(History,File%x)
    %x = @succ(%x)
  until @equal(%x,8)
  %x = 7
  if @not(@equal(@iniread(History,File0),%F))
      inifile write,History,File%x,@iniread(History,File@pred(%x))
      %x = @pred(%x)
    until @equal(%x,0)
    inifile write,History,File%x,%F
    gosub Load
    menu destroy,%%historyMenu
    dialog add,MENU,Histry,@item(1,0),@item(1,1),@item(1,2),@item(1,3),@item(1,4),@item(1,5),@item(1,6),@item(1,7)
    %%historyMenu = @menu(hideMenu,%%menu,1)
    list close,1

Bill Weckel
ShinobiSoft Software

"The way is known to all, but not all know it."
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