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Tutorial Source File

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2003 10:56 pm    Post subject: Tutorial Source File Reply with quote


Here is a tutorial source file for the beginners of Visual DialogScript. I
tried to implement everything I had trouble finding out in it except for
progress bars which I will post a separate example for.

REM -- Tutorial script by FreezingFire at the VDSWORLD Forums (
REM -- Permission is herby granted to redistribute this script.

title "Tutorial"
REM -- The TITLE command specifies the program's title. The actual dialog titles are NOT
REM -- specified with this command, but rather with the DIALOG command, which will be
REM -- explained further in this tutorial. The title can be changed by using this command
REM -- at any time. Note that the quotes are used to prevent errors. For example, if a
REM -- comma is placed within a set of quotes, it will not affect it, while a comma
REM -- in a command that is not supposed to separate a command will create an error.

REM -- This command will trap any errors in your script and generate the event "Error", which
REM -- will call for the label :Error. This way you can process your own error messages and
REM -- display your own message or allow you to use other commands/functions. Be sure that your
REM -- label :Error is in your script so that you can process the errror with this command.

%%hlp_path = C:\Program Files\Visual DialogScript\VDS.HLP
REM -- This is a variable. We are defining it for use later on in the script if an
REM -- error occurrs. You should set this variable to the path of your VDS.HLP help file.

REM -- This command will make sure that your program's dialog boxes and controls will be
REM -- equally sized on systems that use different font sizes or accessibility options
REM -- for display. The "96" is the standard scale size and should be used most of the time.

info "Welcome to the to VDS Tutorial Script!"
REM -- This command will display a standard Windows information box. All that is needed is
REM -- text, preferably enclosed in quotes so that no errors occurr. These boxes will use the
REM -- same title as what was specified using the TITLE command.

warn "This is a "@chr(34)"Warning"@chr(34)" box."
REM -- This command uses the same syntax as the INFO command, but we are using quotes for
REM -- the text "WARNING". To display quotes in Visual DialogScript, you will need to use
REM -- the syntax @CHR(34). The function @CHR() converts the ASCII code for a character to
REM -- an actual character. The reason for the extra quotes is so that the function @CHR()
REM -- will work.

  DIALOG CREATE,Tutorial - [Dialog Title],-1,0,255,103,COLOR Yellow,CLASS VDSTutorialDlg
REM -- This command will create the dialog you are about to see. The actual dialog title
REM -- is set through this command and is NOT set by the TITLE command mentioned eariler.
REM -- The syntax of this command is:
REM -- This line defines the style we will be using for a link on our dialog box. Styles
REM -- are generally better to edit through the dialog designer that comes with VDS. You
REM -- can edit this dialog by selecting the word "DIALOG" in the DIALOG CREATE command
REM -- and pressing F2 which in the VDS IDE.
REM -- This is another style we will be using to make some text large.
  DIALOG ADD,TEXT,TEXT1,15,14,,,Welcome!,,BIG
REM -- This text uses the style "Big", which was defined directly above this line.
REM -- This is a link. It is a normal TEXT element but also uses the CLICK command,
REM -- which will generate a TEXT2CLICK event, calling to the label :TEXT2CLICK.
REM -- We also use the BLUE-UNDERLINE style defined above, and the style for using
REM -- a HAND cursor for this link.
  DIALOG ADD,STATUS,STATUS1,Welcome to the Visual DialogScript tutorial script!
REM -- This adds a status bar to the bottom of the dialog.
  DIALOG ADD,BUTTON,Close,24,150,88,40,Close,,BIG
REM -- This adds a close button to our dialog.
REM -- This command shows the dialog that is created.

REM -- This is a label. It defines where a script should go when an event is generated.
REM -- This label and the commands directly following will be the "central event processing"
REM -- part of the script.
  wait event,1
REM -- This command tells the script to wait for an event. If an event is not generated, it
REM -- generates a TIMER event.
  goto @event()
REM -- This command will take the script to the actual event label.
REM -- This part is not really needed but is in this tutorial script for demonstration purposes.
REM -- It is used in conjuction with the "wait event,1" command. If you choose not to use the
REM -- TIMER event, you should remove the ",1" from the "wait event".
  goto evloop
REM -- This returns the script to our "central event processing" part of the script.

REM -- This is the link click event from our dialog. Now we're going to open a web page.
shell open,""
REM -- The command above opens the main VDSWORLD site.
  goto evloop
REM -- This returns the script to our "central event processing" part of the script.

goto close

warn Oops! There's an error in your code! It's code @error(e) at line @error(n)!
warn I'm going to use the WINHELP command to open the Error Messages page.
WINHELP %%Hlp_Path,Error Messages
REM -- This opens the help file to the "Error Messages" page.

if @ask(Do you want to generate an error before exiting?)
>> This will generate an error because it is invalid syntax.

Site Admin Team
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