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Find Empty Folders

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Valued Contributor

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:27 am    Post subject: Find Empty Folders Reply with quote

Works as intended Thanks to dragonsphere help

Below are the only true REAL empty folders in text.txt:
C:\Warzone1100- testing\multiplay\players\empty1
C:\Warzone1100- testing\multiplay\players\empty1\empty2
C:\Warzone1100- testing\multiplay\players\empty1\empty2\empty3
C:\Warzone1100- testing\Directmodem\empty4
C:\Warzone1100- testing\texpages\slides\empty5
C:\Warzone1100- testing\texpages\bdrops\empty6
C:\Warzone1100- testing\sequences\New Folder

Heres the text (directory tree) test.txt file with 143 paths(items) below:
test.txt has to be in same folder as the compiled EXE.

CODE is updated - done Jan 12 2007 2AM
#  \\\ The TEST.TXT (directory tree) file must be where program runs ///

DIALOG CREATE,Detect empty folders,-1,0,400,354,COLOR white,savepos
DIALOG ADD,text,TEXTtest1,21,10,,,Total number of List"1" Items being Processed
DIALOG ADD,edit,test1,20,227,70,18,,,READONLY
DIALOG ADD,text,TEXTtest2,51,10,,,Process List"#"1,,style3
DIALOG ADD,edit,test2,50,85,305,18,,,READONLY
DIALOG ADD,text,TEXTtest3,81,10,,,Found Items,,style3
DIALOG ADD,edit,test3,80,85,305,18,,,READONLY
DIALOG ADD,text,TEXTtest4,111,10,,,L1 Remaining,,style3
DIALOG ADD,edit,test4,110,85,70,18,,,READONLY
DIALOG ADD,text,TEXTrejected,140,10,,,Rejected,,style3
DIALOG ADD,edit,rejected,140,85,305,18,,,READONLY
DIALOG ADD,text,finished,170,150,,,status,,style4
DIALOG ADD,text,amountTEXT,182,257,,,Total Found,,style2
DIALOG ADD,edit,amount,180,320,70,18,,,READONLY
DIALOG ADD,text,TEXTemptys,195,10,,,Empty Folders Found
DIALOG ADD,edit,emptys,210,10,380,100,,,READONLY,MULTI,scroll
DIALOG ADD,BUTTON,apply,320,10,50,24,APPLY,,,hand
DIALOG ADD,BUTTON,leave,320,340,50,24,Close,,,hand

dialog show
dialog focus,apply
List create,1
List create,2
List create,9
List create,11,SORTED

  wait event
  goto @event()

%%file = @PATH(%0)test.txt
IF @FILE(%%file)
list loadfile,1,@PATH(%0)test.txt
 TITLE Data FILE not found"!"
%%file = @PATH(%0)test.txt
 WARN Make sure the TEST"."TXT "FILE" is in the PATH@CR()No action taken".."
 TITLE Detect empty folders
 goto evloop

END dialog set,test1,@count(1)

#   test1  =  Total number in List 1 Items to be Processed
#   test2  =  Process List # 1
#   test3  =  Found Items
#   test4  =  L1 Remaining
#   rejected  =  Rejected
#   finished  =  Finished
#   amount    =  Total Found
#   emptys    =  Empty Folders Found

LIST seek,1,0

List FILELIST,9,@Item(1)
dialog set,test2,@item(1)
If @Equal(@count(9),0)
  List clear,9
  List FILELIST,9,@Item(1),D
  If @Equal(@count(9),0)
    LIST append,2,@item(1)
    dialog set,rejected,@item(1)
  dialog set,rejected,@item(1)

LIST delete,1
LIST clear,9
wait "0.02"
dialog set,test3,@item(2)
dialog set,test4,@count(1)
UNTIL @equal(@count(1),0)

Dialog set,emptys,@text(11)
dialog set,amount,@count(2)
dialog set,finished,Finished "!"
goto evloop

List close,1
List close,2
List close,9
List close,11

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