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Dialog Element Mover

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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2011 4:06 pm    Post subject: Dialog Element Mover Reply with quote

I had a big dialog with a lot of elements and I wanted to move all of them over. I didn't want to go and do the math or use dialog designer and move each element. I decided to make a quick app that did the moving for me.

Just copy your dialog code and paste it into the edit box. Use the TOP and LEFT spin elements to "move" the elements. You can enter negative number to move them LEFT or UP.

EDIT: Small bug in %%TheRest fixed


#Created by Chris Gingerich (AKA LiquidCode)
option decimalsep,"."
option scale,96
Title Dialog Element Mover
  DIALOG CREATE,Dialog Element Mover,-1,0,540,292
REM *** Modified by Dialog Designer on 5/14/2011 - 10:58 ***
  DIALOG ADD,GROUP,GROUP1,5,4,533,233,Dialog code to "move"
  DIALOG ADD,EDIT,code,21,11,519,211,,,MULTI,SCROLL
  DIALOG ADD,TEXT,TEXT2,245,5,,,Top:
  DIALOG ADD,SPIN,top,242,45,70,24,,0
  DIALOG ADD,TEXT,TEXT4,247,133,,,Left:
  DIALOG ADD,SPIN,left,242,176,70,24,,0
  DIALOG ADD,BUTTON,Move,255,269,64,24,Move!
  DIALOG ADD,TEXT,TEXT1,270,47,,,Negative values can be entered
  DIALOG ADD,LINE,LINE1,238,347,1,54
  DIALOG ADD,BUTTON,Copy,241,381,133,24,Copy to clipboard
  DIALOG ADD,BUTTON,paste,266,381,133,24,Paste from clipboard
  wait event
  %e = @event()
  goto %e
  dialog set,code,@clipbrd()
  goto evloop
  clipboard set,@dlgtext(code)
  goto evloop
  if @not(@dlgtext(code))
     Warn Please copy and paste only code of elements to move.
     goto evloop
  %%left = @dlgtext(left)
  %%top = @dlgtext(top)
  %%oc = @new(list)
  %%NewCode = @new(list)
  list assign,%%oc,@trim(@dlgtext(code))
  option fieldsep,","
  %x = 0
     parse "%a;%b;%c;%d;%e;%f;%g",@item(%%oc,%x)
     %%TheRest = @trim(@strslice(@item(%%oc,%x),%a","%b","%c","%d","%e","%f","%g","))
     if @equal(@trim(%a),Dialog Add)
        %d = @sum(%%top,%d)
        %e = @sum(%%left,%e)
        list add,%%NewCode,%a","%b","%c","%d","%e","%f","%g","%%TheRest
        list add,%%NewCode,@item(%%oc,%x)
     %x = @succ(%x)
  until @equal(%x,@count(%%oc))
  dialog set,code,@text(%%NewCode)
  list close,%%NewCode
  List close,%%oc
  goto evloop

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